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How many times can you trade with Yancy/Curtis in a single day?

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I really just need togepi however I noticed it is the last trade Yancy/Curtis will offer, so will Yancy/Curtis only offer a single trade a day, or can I go to various spots and see if she/he would like to meet at the ferris wheel.

asked May 12, 2013 by Ein
retagged May 12, 2013 by Ein
Who are Yancy and Curtis?
Guess Water lovers like your question.

2 Answers

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You can only trade with Yancy/Curtis once a day

answered May 13, 2013 by Candle
selected Jun 3, 2013 by Ein
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They'll call you at certain spots, and no, the amount is unlimited to how many times you can trade them. Just remember that they have to call you 50 times before you can trade, and it starts the next day.

answered May 14, 2013 by WaterTypesRule
They sure do...