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Would a Pokemon have different stats in mystery dungeon than they would in other games? (Unresolved)?

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Ok guys, bear with me here. I know there aren't EVs IVs and natures in the mystery dungeon games, but my Hydreigon's lowest stat is Sp. atk in my Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity game (It's level 77 BTW). I know I didn't boost any of its stats using health drinks or anything. Do Pokemon have different base stats in mystery dungeon games? (There's a similar deal with my Yamask's Defense)

asked May 13, 2013 by Why_You_No?!
retagged Jun 24, 2013 by trachy
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Yes, there are different base stats. The base stats are Sp. Atk, Sp. Defense, Defense, Attack, and health. Each one is different for each Pokemon acting as a base. Base stats are the same in all mystery dungeon games.
One example of a base stat would be a snivy of a base stat with 5 HP, but the base stat for a tepig could be 6 HP instead.
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If your having trouble understanding this, it means that if we say hypothetically that there are not EVs, IVs, natures in the main pokemon games, and that all pokemon of the same species have the same stats like they do in mystery dungeon, would a pokemon from mystery dungeon have the same stats as a pokemon from the main line of pokemon games?
Sorry if that confuses you even more >.<

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Well in Pokemon dungeon games Pokemon only know 1 move, and if they had normal stats it would be way to much of an advantage so they had to lower the stats so the 1 move wouldn't be too powerful. The defense would be too high and the moves would barely take effect. Plus, the Pokemon are small. It would be wierd if they had all of those stats. Sorry if I had just confused you. I hope I helped! :D

answered Jun 25, 2013 by ZoroarkMaster132
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