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Why female Unfezant surpasses male Unfezant's abilities?

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It says in the pokedex entry:

Males swing their head plumage to threaten opponents. The females’ flying abilities surpass those of the males.

Is there any reason given for that?

asked May 14, 2013 by gian94
edited May 14, 2013 by Pokemaster

2 Answers

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As far as the Pokemon's performance in battle, they're exactly the same, but the male Unfezant has the head plumage, where as the female doesn't. Without the head plumage, the female Unfezant would be less encumbered, while the male would have to deal with the air friction slowing him down. Much like a peacock, they have striking plumage but can't fly, because their feathers are simply to big and not meant for flying.

answered May 14, 2013 by the_netts
selected May 14, 2013 by gian94
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male unfezent's heads are different and it has a little weight but it flies and female unfezent's body is a little lighter and its tail keep it balanced and its heads is a little smaller than male unfezent and it eyes are very good at spoting things and that's how female unfezent surpasses male unfezent with it's ablity

answered May 14, 2013 by poke lover
edited May 14, 2013 by poke lover