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What is the action replay code for zekrom, and reshiram for white, and black 2?

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What do you mean? If you tell me, maybe I could answer.
He means, he wants to use an Action Replay cheat code to get Zekrom for B/W2, I think. Sorry but I'm not going to tell you because it's cheating :P although I do use codes to get Pokés that are only available as event Pokémon, if you can catch it in the game, then it's cheating to use a code to get it. Why don't you just Google it?
Don't comment saying that you know, but aren't going to tell him.
If you get the Action Replay DSi, then the wild Pokemon modifier should me pre-installed.
Im am soooooo writing this down!

1 Answer

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Reshiram AR code

94000130 FFFB0000
B2000024 00000000
E0019728 00000088
9AE08483 155E0000
B7DD69C3 207FCF76
F0A7A2BF 8085F074
1C08D7DD 2A88893D
39CE2BAD 3270D187
0045840B 9D415C56
44E96CF2 3C51871C
D76A324D AC4906FD
6C4FDED0 648B0A17
7EEC98DB 0AE02951
6B1F573E 27B6DD83
A3FD4280 174882DA
E00197B0 00000054
A0311A4A C165E877
ADCD3264 4456413A
0D471643 46B08469
2B3C72CB CA4FE037
54DE8170 05C05408
0E91C6F2 07B43C8C
993135FD 3B8C7E1B
5ACABA34 A330F166
1E916F78 DA1FF64E
60170969 35C75113
15BC2F2C 00000000
D2000000 00000000

Zekrom AR code

94000130 FFFB0000
B2000024 00000000
E0019728 00000088
FA80E4E1 08FF0000
DE81B765 7E483FBA
DE185E3B 67D6F778
C09C493F CF443977
006EC185 84C6E1BE
1FED1721 AABCF235
E54F7629 BD9C48F7
EC2434BB 334CBEC4
AD289132 30B473F5
A6B3C55E 6CF772AF
476A7215 0D7F7A6E
53AD23A6 016BC310
DC60C852 54040B7B
0D9985EA 5AD6583B
368065FF 104C3439
FBD5B5BC 48359A9A
E00197B0 00000054
8A6D15A4 511C5984
7C47FBD4 7F11FC1B
69C9F4E5 492E5F39
E6805468 0F8F0196
69E30948 13F2C3EA
C86CBE73 2ACF8E94
29E02615 4BCACB55
10E3D2F9 B56CB759
47CE442C 9815D178
C6C406DF 7C31E8B8
E7071291 00000000
D2000000 00000000

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