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Where can you train your Pokemon to level 40 in Pokemon Ruby?

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I've defeated all trainers in my way, all trainers out of my way as well :P
I'm currently at Mosdeep city, and my Pokemon are around level 37. Where can I train which will level me up to 40 fast?

asked May 17, 2013 by Flare

1 Answer

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The Seafloor Cavern is the place you want to be. Featuring wild Pokemon +35 and a number of Team Magma Grunts, this is the place you want to visit. Just travel south from Mossdeep City and head underwater, you will reach an excellent levelling ground as well as the next step in your quest to reach Sootpolis and the 8th gym.

answered May 17, 2013 by Flafpert
selected May 22, 2013 by Flare
Thanks a lot Flaf :D