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Is it possible to remove phrases that people say on Join Avenue?

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Lets just say that I told my people some inapropriate phrases... Well, it was just a joke, it was funny at first, and it still kind of is, but it's gotten too old and lame. So I changed the phrases, but the old ones were still said, so I was wondering how to stop people from saying the old ones. Because it's gotten quite annoying.

^&*$%-+=:l Cyndaquil Guy, the hero of The Pokemon World, the savior of Johto.

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"^&*$%-+=:l" ?
Official Declaration: Cyndaquil Guy, the Hero of the Pokémon World, the Savior of Johto.

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Yeah, you can go to your office and speak to the person who says "Hi _", then you can edit what they say to you. But that idea of teaching inappropriate things is so you :P

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I hve done this, it's what I said in the question. But for some reason it still shows the previous phrases as well :F