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Durant + Dugtrio combo. I want to know the Threats, thanks?

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Traunt Durant with Entrainment.

Durant @ Focus Sash
Trait: Truant
EVs: 252 Spd / 252 Atk / 4 HP
Jolly Nature
- Entrainment
- Hone Claws
- X-Scissor
- Iron Head

The only move Durant use when I play with this combo is Enteinament.

Arena Trap Dugtrio

Dugtrio @ Focus Sash
Trait: Arena Trap
EVs: 252 Spd / 252 Atk / 4 HP
Jolly Nature
- Hone Claws
- Protect
- Earthquake
- Sucker Punch

Arena Trap traps the foe which means that the foe cant switch out. The foe has traunt so it can only attack every two turns. The turn when the foe is able to attack use Protect. When the foe cant attack due Traunt, use Hone claws. Nothing can stop you with this strategy

asked May 18, 2013 by Jofly
I feel kinda sad for no one telling me why my answer was wrong... Also the whole time I was gone...
Venusaur in the sun (and sun teams in general) will likely prove themselves a threat, or at least a nuisance
DSP, your answer was downvoted because you didn't give him any specific counters, all you did was list a bunch of different types and tell him that they had an advantage, which is not only more or less irrelevant to the strategy but he already knows what types are SE/Resistant.
Oh that is why my answer was wrong... It may sound strange that I didn't know, but I am still a new user in a way so I just didn't know how it is wrong...
Nubfly :P

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You are so Nubfly these days, not to mention Slowfly and Drunkfly :P

This can work, but it's a bit dumb to be honest with you. And you didn't make it, a guy on Smogon made it and used it successfully in their first tourney :P

  • Landorus will be annoying. Intimidate will screw you, and an Earthquake / Stone Edge will screw you. Then U-Turning into a Ghost type / resisting type will make Reversal rendered useless.

  • Gliscor, with the Defence to wall you. Toxic stall will screw you. Subtect sets will basically play with you. Setting up a sub then Protecting will ruin your attacking power, and an Equake will just activate the FS.

There are loads more freaking counters to this, I won't spend my time and your time listing them all, but you get the point. Stall and Hyper Offence screws this over.

answered May 19, 2013 by Flare
selected May 19, 2013 by Jofly
Ok thanks. Don't call me noob (╯°□°)╯︵ (\ .o.)\
LOL I will :D