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Where is Hidila/Hibert in White 2?

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In White 2, Cheren says that the two dragon types are not in Unova anymore. Where is Hidila. Since I have white and beat the game, so I have Zekrom. If I am in Unova, so is Zekrom. (I am a girl, so I am Hidila) So where am "I" (Hidila/Hibert) in White 2. Please help me! Thanks! :) Please, tell me if they are in the Unova region or not.

asked May 19, 2013 by ehesister
edited May 19, 2013 by ehesister

1 Answer

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hilda and hilbert are not in black and white 2. sorry! :(
but they are frequently mentioned and in the beta version of the game you could even face them at the pwt

answered May 19, 2013 by some random guy
selected Dec 21, 2013 by ehesister
I mean if they are in the Unova region. But, you really did help thanks!
You can't battle them at PWT.