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Absol or Zangoose for my team?

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I'm thinking of a team for Black 2 and I need someone to deal with Psychic types.I was going to use Zangoose and give him X-Scissor but then I thought of Absol who has Psychic immunity if I use Zangoose I can fall back on my Heracross. (Who is weak to Psychic types)

And I could use some movesets for the rest of my Pokemon

and Zangoose or Absol
(This is for in game)

asked May 22, 2013 by Torterra57

1 Answer

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I would say Absol as it does not need a status to hit hard unlike Zangoose who only has its full potential with a burn or poison which is not what you want for in game. It has a base 130 ATK stat which is crazy good.

Absol has some nice coverage and a nice ATK and will counter that Psychic weakness nicely. It also covers your lack of Ghost coverage which you do not currently cover.

answered May 22, 2013 by Blobyolo
selected Jun 4, 2013 by Psychic x
Thanks and I didn't realize I had no one for ghost types.
Poptarts are also Crazy Good o3o
And Zangoose really is a nice option as well, as I finished my White 1's second run through the Elite Four with a Level 76 Zangoose.
zangoose is good it's my 3rd boss pokemon in black & white