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Most unnecessary stat for umbreon?

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I'm gonna evolve my Eevee into an Umbreon, and I find the easiest way to get friendship is by feeding it berries that decrease stats. But I'm not sure which stat is fine to decrease. I could walk around in SS, but that's tedious. What's the best stat to lower?

asked May 25, 2013 by TheShadowZangoose

3 Answers

2 votes

Special Attack

Umbreon is a staller and doesnt need Sp. Attack.

answered May 25, 2013 by Jofly
So he needs to use Hondew berries right?
1 vote

Either attack or special attack depending on which one you want to use

answered May 28, 2013 by mrorigami
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Speed and Sp. attack, a adamant/brave nature would be good with payback.

answered May 26, 2013 by Redspikachu
Yeah, lets use Adamant umbreon! It sucks