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I Need Breed Partners for my Pokemon?

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You know I've heard that Extrasenssory is good with Zoroark but it can only be bred on to Zorua so I need to know some partners. What level they can learn the move and where to find them. (Using Pokemon Black 2)

asked May 30, 2013 by luke777

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You have 3 easy options, Vulpix, Nuzleaf and Smeargle
Vulpix learns Extrasensory at Lv 39 and can be found at Abundant Shrine.
Nuzleaf learns Extrasensory at Lv 49 and can be found at Nature Sanctuary.
Smeargle learns Extrasensory at Lv 1 via Sketch but have to be transferred from BW or a Gen 4 game.

answered May 30, 2013 by Flafpert
selected May 30, 2013 by luke777
Has to be Vulpix then. Thanks
Just adding: Smeargle can also be obtained from Dream World