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Where can I recruit a Bulbasaur in Pokemon Red Rescue Team?

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I also want to know is how to get the friend area for bagon and stuff

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Bulbasaur stuff:

Location: Joyous Tower (floors 1-5)

Bagon stuff:

Location: Lapis Cave (floors 9-13); Wish Cave (floors 45-49); Wyvern Hill (floors 1-5)
Friend area: Dragon Cave
Dragon Cave can only be obtained as a reward from a mission. The Wonder Mail is H ? 0 8 [? 9 S ?] ? Q 6 4 ? P ? ! [8 4 S 0] + F ? ! You have to escort the Phanpy client to Gligar on floor 3 of Thunderwave Cave.

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Damned I should've asked how to get bulbasars friend area but thanks :D