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Is this a good Moveset?

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My Dragonite is Lv.57 and it knows:

Shock Wave: For Flying and paralysis

Aqua Tail: For Fire, Ground, and Rock

Extremespeed: For quick Pokemon

Dragon Rush: For All out Power and other Dragon Types

Need advice for him looking to replace Shock Wave with

different Electric Type move and Aqua Tail with other Water Type move.

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1 Answer

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If you still want an electric attack, thunderbolt is the way to go. Surf is good for a water type move. But since you already have a water move, I'd recommend using something like dragon dance if you want to go all physical. (you'd have to tailor your set a bit)

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Continueing on what DT said, if you add Dragon Dance, you would probably want to replace Aqua Tail for Waterfall, replace Extremespeed for something like Fire Punch or Earthquake, and replace Dragon Rush with Dragon Claw.