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Can a Lv.100 Pokemon get pokerus?

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Like my 100 mewtwo.Since it is lv.100 it couldn't gain EVs but could it get pokerus? (Note:It wouldn't have an effect on mewtwo but could it just be there for looks?)

asked Jun 11, 2013 by legenduser123

1 Answer

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Pokerus is a virus and affects all Pokemon, even if they don't need it. After this it will be cured and on a level 100 Pokemon it is preety much does an accesory

answered Jun 11, 2013 by Aeternis
selected Jun 11, 2013 by legenduser123
It is like having the flue. You don't need it, yet still you can get it
lmao love that comparison
What a great insight, Valet. *bows*