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Which Pokemon lose a stat after evolving?

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I know that scyther loses speed after evolution but what about some others?

asked Jun 12, 2013 by luke777

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Nincada >>>>> Shedinja (loses HP)
Magneton>>>>>>>Magnezone(loses speed)
Larvesta>>>>>>>Volcarona (loses attack)
Electabuzz>>>>>>>>Electivire(loses speed)
Murkrow >>>>>>>Honchkrow (loses speed)
Poliwhirl>>>>>>>Polwrath (loses speed)
Trapinch >>>>>>> Vibrava loses attack (but Vibrava >>>.. Flygon gets it all back.)
Caterpie >>>>>>>Metapod (loses attack)
Scyther >>>>>>>>.Scizor (loses speed)
Wingull >>>>>>>>.Pelipper (loses speed)
Remoraid >>>>>>>Octillery( loses speed)
Onix >>>>>>>>>>> Steelix (loses speed)
Anorith>>>>>>>>>Armaldo(loses speed)
Magikarp>>>>>>>>Gyarados(loses speed)
Evidently Shelgon >>>>>>. Salamence loses defense)

Will keep adding more

answered Jun 12, 2013 by Aeternis
edited Jun 12, 2013 by Aeternis
-.- shame on you....
Magikarp has a base speed of 80, Gyarados has a base speed of 81

Gyarados is definitely slower o3o
Poliwhirl too Poliwrath loses speed i think ( or maybe i just got a op poli)
if anyone knows more feel free to add when there are enough I will edit it in the answer :)