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Arbok: Shed Skin or Intimidate for a Coil sweeper set?

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Every other place I've searched gave me "Intimidate/Shed Skin." I would like to know which one's better.

asked Jun 13, 2013 by [MEGA]StellarLucario
Nice question. :)

2 Answers

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Shed Skin; in the event you get burnt, at least your physical set will have a chance of not being completely ruined.

Coil will raise your defence anyway.

EDIT: also my reasoning for not going for Intimidate is that it only works when Arbok switches in, and all your opponent needs to do is switch Pokemon for the effect to be nullified.

answered Jun 13, 2013 by fondant
edited Jun 14, 2013 by fondant
You give me a very good reason. Thank you very much!
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My answer is Intimidate. It plus Coil = alot of defence. It also helps you survive for more turns so that you can use Coil more. Also try Coil + Salac Berry.
Also, if your opponent decides to change Pokemon, you get to use Coil while they are switching out. Also, Shed Skin doesnt always work, Intimidate does. I hope this helps you!

answered Jun 13, 2013 by Jellohamster
edited Jun 13, 2013 by Jellohamster