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Treeko evolution and moves?

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Treecko is supposed to learn Giga Drain at lvl 46. But his evolved form Grovyle learns Leaf Blade at lvl 29. If I hold Treeko back long enough to learn Giga Drain and then evolve him. Will Grovyle have no chance to learn Leaf Blade?

asked Jun 20, 2013 by Focused
edited Jun 20, 2013 by ƒιzz

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Yes, you can learn it Leaf Blade using a Heart Scale at the move learner. This is located in Fallarbor Town in R/S/E, Two Island in FR/LG, Pastoria City in D/P/P, Blackthorn City in HG/SS, Mistralron City in B/W and the PWT in B2/W2.

answered Jun 20, 2013 by Flafpert
selected Jun 20, 2013 by Focused
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