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Who's a good Def/SpDef spiker?

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Hey, I'm new to the site and I had a question, so... Who's a good Def/SpDef spiker, but can also dish out Atk or SpAtk? (All Gens.)

Edit: My current spiker/SpDef is my Tentacruel (who I really come to like)
I also have a Cloyster as a Def. cover (Not a spiker)

What I am looking for, is other Pokemon with similar stats as these too(Tentacruel and Cloyster).

asked Jun 21, 2013 by thhat0neguy
edited Jun 21, 2013 by thhat0neguy
Skarm is another option for something physically defensive that has only two weaknesses.

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With a base 133 defense stat and 116 Spdefense stat, it can be a dreadful wall when it's nature is sassy sassy.It has access to a good movepool and entry hazards such as spikes and stealth rock. Stealth rock is a good move to have on ferrothorn as it does at least a 1/4 damage of nearly all fire types hp. Though it has a X2 weakness to fighting attacks and a X4 weakness to fire attacks, it can usually take a hit or you can just switch it out. You may have more problems with fighting types but with the ability iron barbs they, they will always lose a decent amount of HP everytime the try to punch ferrothorn down. To make fighting types lose even more problems countering Ferrothorn you can just give it a rocky Helmet and any physical attacker will loose another 1/4 of it's HP. When this is combined with stealth rock and spike you can ware physical attacker down to almost 1/2 of it's HP. Ferrothorn has everything you need in a Spdefensive and physical wall: It has a decent Attack stat, Amazing defense, good SpDefense stat and decent HP

Conclusion: I would say go for ferrothorn
Hope this helped

answered Jun 21, 2013 by Aeternis
selected Jun 21, 2013 by thhat0neguy
Just saying Ferro isn't weak to ground.
Awesome! Thanks a bunch! didn't realize ferrothorn was such a wall! haha,

P.S. Im leaning towards using toxic spikes, and venoshock straight out the bat, can you possibly recommend a fast and defensive, or just fast pokemon to set up toxic spikes?
For Toxic Spikes, I would recommend Roserade.
Ah! Very nice! I'm definitely feeling Roserade, love her stats!

I'm thinking this set

Nature: Timid

 -Toxic Spikes
 -Sludge Bomb
 -Shadow Ball/Energy Ball
 - HP (Rock)

What do you think?

Edit: Actually now that i think about it, maybe replacing sludge bomb with energy ball would be better?
- Toxic Spikes
- Hidden Power Ice
- Venoshock
- Protect

This is the set I use for ky Roserade :)
Flare, HP ice? Hm?

My Rosequet (Roserade)
 Might be
-Energy ball
- HP rock
-shadow ball

I like this set I feel like its good to deal with weaknesses.
But then you don't toxic spikes again
I have my wall Tentacruel as a lead ,great setter
with few weakness (which I love)
and thru ought my battle I take care of
        poisoned puppets n_n
With my Rosequet (Roserade) and my gangar.