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My master ball didn't catch my Giratina!!!

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I saw this question recently and I have just remembered that when I was playing my platinum game a few years ago, I was in the distortion world and trying to catch Giratina with the master ball, and somehow the master ball didn't catch it! Does anyone have an explanation for this, I didn't hack my game or anything, so I don't know why it didn't automatically catch Giratina.

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As they said (in the question), there is a slight chance it may or may not have worked. I'm just saying, that, if it didn't work, that's probably it.

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Well, apparently, you have hit something incredibly rare.

Due to storage limitations in the game's code, the Master Ball can sometimes fail, believe it or not! But it's an incredibly rare chance that that would happen. How rare, you may ask? Just a 1 in 65,355 or 0.0015%. That is 8 times the chance of finding a shiny Pokemon. Amazingly, you beat the odds of even finding a Shiny - eight shinies to be exact.

As much as it's sad that you wasted your Master Ball, I'd say well done on hitting this drastic chance! xD

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I did not know this. That's amazing. :O
mind blown!
I have Heatran and Cresselia plus the orbs for the three in White 2. (Griseous, Adamant, and Lustrous orbs.)Is there any way to find Giratina, Dialga, and Palkia in White 2.
I can't believe this got seven votes. xD
!'·-Indigo-·'! You are a damn Genius. How do you know about stuff like this? You're Amazing:)