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Is Zoroark a Legendary Pokemon?

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At first, I think Zoroak is legendary Pokemon because it's the main character in The latest Pokemon movie(i think). But after the new Pokedex released and I realized that it's just a normal Pokemon. Is that true?? or it's a rare pokemon ??

asked Oct 14, 2010 by banemu
edited Jan 12, 2011 by ~-~WILL~-~

3 Answers

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Definitely not - legendaries do not evolve. Like will said he is like lucario, appearing a legendary in a movie but being a regular pokemon in the games. He is just an awesome pokemon.

answered Oct 14, 2010 by Speed freak
edited Oct 14, 2010 by Pokemaster
Oh I agree with you :). Thanks
Also you can breed Zoroa/Zoroark, unlike legendaries (apart from Manaphy who only breeds with Ditto anyway).
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As far as I know, Zoroark is kind of like a Dark-phased, Phantom-like counterpart to Lucario. However, judging by how you get him in-game, he sounds a lot like an event Pokemon...

It's hard to tell at this point, but I don't think he's a legendary.

answered Oct 14, 2010 by ~-~WILL~-~
Thank you a lot :). It's clearly for me now :)
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No. Zoroark isn't a legendary. At first I thought it was but when I put zoroark and my scrafty in daycare I found a zorua egg.

answered Mar 27, 2011 by Boronicolas