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Rare candies and action replay?

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how do you use the rare candy code in black 2. I tried the L+R thing but I'm not 100% sure how.

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According to my cousins L+R should work. If it doesn't pressing the start button is an option. The following code works with L+R:
Rare Candies(L+R):

9400130 FCFF0000
1221E16C 0000032
9221E16E 0000000
1221E16E 0000001
D2000000 0000000

Hope this helped
( I can't help you any further due to the fact that I don't use an AR)

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thanks ill try it.
You are welcome :)
Thank you so much DB~Valet it really helped now I have a lv. 100 sharpedo!
I am glad you are pleased