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If anyone knows will Pokemon X&Y be on the Nintendo DSi XL?

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im just wondering if x&y will be on any of the non-3ds consoles

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thanks I have to scrape up some money for the 3ds
No problem, good luck.
You can pick up a refurbished 3DS on the Nintendo site for $130, which is about $50 cheaper than retail. Refurbished is better than used because Nintendo fixes all the problems with it, besides any small physical damages (such as small nicks and scrapes). They also provide the same warrantee with refurbished products as they do with the standard 3DS, so if there are problems, they'll take care of it. Another reason why refurbished is better than used is because the money goes to Nintendo rather than a store such as Gamestop.

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Nope, sorry. Both versions will be released exclusively for the 3DS; 3DS game cards are incompatible with the DSi XL, so unfortunately you'll have to have a 3DS to play the games.

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Nope, just 3DS versions.

Source: Many released footages of the game and the consol it's in

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It has been well confirmed that the game will be in 3D.

Since 3DS game chips are a different shape to the normal DS/DSi game chips, it is highly unlikely that Pokemon X & Y will be on any other console. Therefore, no. Pokemon X & Y will be on 3DS and 3DS only.

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