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Anyone got a good strategy to beat Neon Colosseum on Pokemon Battle Revolution?

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I'm using my Soulsilver team. My current pass is

Typhlosion (female)
Blast Burn
Shadow Claw

Ampharos (male)
Iron Tail
Signal Beam

Draco Meteor
Aura Sphere
Shadow Force

Noctowl (shiny) (male)
Air Slash
Shadow Ball

Dragon Pulse

Skarmory (male)
Fury Attack
Air Cutter
Double Team

I have seriously tried like 10 times today alone and I am getting REALLY sick of this colosseum. Also the team may suck but it's the only good Pokemon I have on the file. Any way I could improve my odds of beating the colosseum?
(I'm usually fine until the third trainer in)

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I remember that Coloseum and how frustrating it was, but luckily I also remember how to beat it.
First and foremost, the Pokemon you are using is to good. Since Neon Coloseum is one giant gamble where you battle with and against random Pokemon from both your and the opponents team, it can be devestating to bringing Pokemon that is more powerful then your opponent.
For example:

Your team can become:
Metapod, Magikarp, Cleffa and Hoppip.
Your opponents team can be:
Giratina, Lugia, Typlosion and Skarmory.

This exact team setup is possible to get, therefore it is advisable to use weaker Pokemon or Rental Pass Pokemon since they are more even to the Coloseum trainers Pokemon.
Source: I were beaten by the third trainer so many times you wouldn't believe it and
I wish you the best of luck and I hope I helped you progress a little bit.

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