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Is my Chikorita trading card legit?

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I bought the call of legends 10 card pack and in it was a chikorita with 900 hp. Is it legit?

asked Jul 1, 2013 by L@Z0RStaraptor

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Check the other cards in the pack. Do they have high HP stats like Chikorita has well?

If no, then Chikorita is legit, but a misprint.

If yes, then that entire pack is likely to be fake.

answered Jul 1, 2013 by Mewderator
selected Jul 1, 2013 by L@Z0RStaraptor
Well... I think half half
I can't remember what else was in there
But it could be fake
Also did you answer my trading question?
What trading question?
Who would trade a Shiny Event-like Female Haxorus for a male ralts?
that one