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Is this Meganium moveset okay?

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My Meganium knows:
Leech Seed
Giga Drain

This Meganium is really helpful during battles but I'm afraid of Pokemon that knows Taunt or has the ability Sap Sipper. Should I keep this moveset or get a new moveset? Also if I change my moveset I wanna keep GrassWhistle and Leech Seed. This is on Pokemon Black 2.

asked Jul 4, 2013 by Leafmaster1800
Perhaps you should take out Ingrain and add a physical move such as Body Slam?

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i think if you have enough team support this thing can be a reall pain so if it works with your team then your set. and you said you wanted grass whistle but I think toxic or sub is a little better...just because you can have even more residual damage and sleep is good but not if it misses half the time. I think it has the potential to be a good set but it all depends on how well it works with your team and how your maganium is ev trained.

answered Jul 4, 2013 by toxicwaffles
selected Jul 5, 2013 by Leafmaster1800
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What is it's nature and Ev spread? Also what is it's item?

This set would be good if it had leftovers
and a calm nature

it's ev spread should be max sp defense/hp or 120 spread for defense sp defense, max hp and the rest towards sp attack

answered Jul 4, 2013 by talisheo
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No. Meganium is a defensive/support Pokemon, and so its best if it plays that role.

Perfect moveset(defensive-relaxed/sassy/bold):

Reflect/sunny day- sunny is perfect for synthesis cuz you recover huge HP
Light screen-boost special defence quite a lot
Giga drain/energyball- so it can still attack and wont be destroyed by taunt
Synthesis- mega annoying expecially after the suns influence.

A more deadly/offensive meganium should have modest nature or quite

Moveset: sunny day- boost fire type moves and doubles the effects of growth.

Growth- boost attack+SP attack by one stage; however with the sun out it boosts the Attack and special attack by two stages (thats the same as using sworddance and nasty plot in one turn).

Solarbeam/giga drain- depends if you prefer longevity over raw power.

bodyslam/earthquake- bodyslam gives nice coverage and threat of parlaysis. Earthquake- great against fire and poison type Pokemon and with growth+sunny day boost your earthquakes, solarbeam/giga drain and bodyslam your attack are horrifingly deadly

answered Jul 6, 2013 by PokeFiles
edited Jul 5, 2013 by PokeFiles