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Pokemon Triple Battle Assist/Eruption Stradegy?

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I was battling someone in a Triple Battle, and they had a Hariyama, Liepard, and Cobalion to start out with, with Liepard in the middle. My Tornadus didn't even have a chance to use Tailwind, because Hariyama and Cobalion both used Helping Hand to boost Liepards attack, Liepard used Assist, and they got... Eruption. Easily knocked out all three Pokemon I had, with an even bigger boost from a fire gem. On the next turn, they did the same thing, using Eruption AGAIN. I was easily defeated in 2 turns. But, my question is... How did they KNOW that Assist would use Eruption? Assist uses a random move from another Pokemon in the team. Of course, they had a Typhlosion, which was the one that probable knew Eruption. But does anyone know how they would be certain that Liepard's Assist would lead to Eruption?

asked Jul 8, 2013 by ①nferno

1 Answer

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The best bet was that Typhlosion only knew Eruption. That way Assist would only pull Eruption and get double boosted by Helping Hand.

answered Jul 8, 2013 by Aura Warrior
Oh, yeah I never thought of that. That way it would only be a 1/5 chance that Assist would pull Eruption, if all of the other pokemon only knew one move also.