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What Pokemon go best with Empoleon or Luxray?

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Okay, so I wanted to get into double-battling, and, I wanted to find out which Pokémon go with Empoleon and Luxray, and if they go great together... that's great! I just want to know what OTHER Pokémon for them to team up with!

Oh and if this isn't what double-battling really is, my apologies. I'm kinda new to battling, and if it really isn't what double battling is, just think of it as:

Which one goes with which? :D

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Nidoking sludge wave No affects Empoleon
that is because empoleon is part steel type
yes ik that... who are you telling that to?
Nidoking + Empoleon is destroyed by E-Quake.
to the person that was asking the question. durrrr

1 Answer

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poltoed works well with empoleon because empoleon can abuse rain. ryphyriror(wrong spelling sorry) with lighting rod works well with empoleon because it renders electric moves useless. I havent found one for luxray yet sorry. hope it helped :)

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Rhyperior would work with Luxray if it had discharge...
E-quake damages empoleon and has a potential Ohko.