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Scary girl in Lavender Town?

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In FireRed/LeafGreen, there is a girl in Lavender Town who tells you she sees a
'White hand' on your shoulder. Does this have to do with the storyline, or is it just for the effect?

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Isn't there a glitch in lavender town in first gen where one fights a glitch character by the name of buried alive, whose pokemon are white hands?
Key word: glitch :P
wow thats creepy
Well if I can recall correctly, prior to the game's release the boss of the lavender tower was going to be buried alive, who would use two white hands, a muk and a gengar. He looks like a corpse coming out of the ground. This was obviously deemed to much for a kids game so it was removed.
That's just a creepypasta. It isn't true.
Ah that makes sense.
Actually, trachy, Buried Alive is real. It's on Bulbapedia. Creepypasta just took the opportunity to add more scary stuff.
If you would be so kind as to link me to it, because it does not appear anywhere on bulbapedia for me.
Looking for it. I've seen them discuss it on the discussion pages, it's in the coding of Gen. 1 games. I can't find a full article on it, tho.
A new glitch for me to follow Heheh
lol ^ (filler)

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it have no affect to your storyline at all so go on with your yourney.

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How does he get BA...? (Just asking)
He got to the point. you told me there was another person in bw2
Flare said "Apart from that, though, it's only added to make the game more interesting." Plus he answered first and added a little extra info.
i post it while it was saying 0 answers
Actually, Maxorus, it doesn't really matter whether or not you answered it first. It's just about the decency and the quality of the question, and giving the person the right answer.
Oh who cares, calm down everybody.
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The same girl is later shown on Skyarrow brigde in BW2, after completing the story line. Apart from that, though, it's only added to make the game more interesting.

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But she's tha Abra girl....she only teleports....