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In the Pokemon episode "Bibarel Gnaws Best" how does brocks Happiny carry so many rocks?

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It doesnt make sense because Happiny is so small and has low stats in game.

asked Jul 10, 2013 by Colonel Duck

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Pokemon is a cartoon. You can't expect everything to be realistic, for example how can Onix fit into a Pokeball? How can Team Rocket survive falls from Hundreds of feet almost every episode? Again, it's a cartoon so it doesn't have to be realistic.

answered Jul 10, 2013 by JarJar~
selected Jul 17, 2013 by Colonel Duck
You are very right  ★ϟJarJarϟ★
Rather, you could say it's to do with GameFreak logic :D
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In the anime, as a joke hapiny had extreme strength and could bust open manholes, carry heavy Pokemon etc. etc.

answered Jul 10, 2013 by ihateeverything
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Happiny knows strength in the anime and that's how it can carry the rocks. Trust me. Happiny knows lots of moves it couldn't know in the game. Pokemon isn't logic, its Pokemon.

answered Jul 10, 2013 by XxEeveelutionLoverxX
Answered 12 hours ago with the right answer...
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It was a running gag on the show. How can an itty-bitty Happiny carry huge rocks? There are lot of this kind stuff on the show for comic relief.

answered Jul 19, 2013 by SparkyBlaziken