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Can I breed Pokemon in any kanto game?

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asked Jul 10, 2013 by montana_absher1

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In Red, Blue, Green and Yellow there is no daycare, since there was no genders then, therefore breeding mechanics couldn't work.

In FireRed and Leafgreen there re two daycares. One is just below Cerulean City, however that one can only care for one Pokemon, therefore breeding mechanics can't work there. There is also one on Four Island (in the Sevii Islands) that can store two Pokemon, therefore breeding mechanics can work there.

As for HeartGold and SoulSilver, which can access Kanto, is just under Goldenrod City.

Hope I helped. :)

answered Jul 11, 2013 by !'•-Indigo-•'!
selected Jul 16, 2013 by montana_absher1
There was a daycare, but you can leave only one Pokémon.
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The only game you can't breed in is gen I

answered Jul 10, 2013 by LeDragónTamer
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You can breed Pokemon as long as there is a Pokemon Day-Care available the Pokemon game. For example, the Day-Care in the Johto region is located below Goldenrod City.

answered Jul 10, 2013 by Vxgue