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Grass or Electric? (Pokemon Black 2)?

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I want a Pokemon good against water and I can't decide if I want a grass type or a electric type. I have my eye on an electric type that you can get later in the game, but also I need a Pokemon good against water later as well. I don't know, can someone help?

asked Jul 12, 2013 by XxEeveelutionLoverxX

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Well I guess I can list advantages and disadvantages for both.

Grass: Grass types tend to have access to useful, exclusive support moves, such as stun spore and leech seed. They also resist water type attacks, which is really useful when switching into a water type attack. However, almost all water type Pokemon learn ice type attacks, which are supereffective against grass types, and some can even use fire type attacks and poison type attacks to handle grass types. Also, grass is resisted by seven types, only hitting three supereffectively, though these three are common. They are also weak to five types, with all but poison being common offensive types, especially fire and ice.

Electric: Electric types don't resist water type moves, but only have a single weakness, to ground, a type most water types don't carry. Electric type moves, such as thunderbolt and wild-charge, are also very powerful and can dish out a lot of damage, further augmented by electric types typically having good offensive prowess. Electric type moves also get great coverage with ice type moves. Really the one issue electric types have with water types is water/ground types, which are immune to electric type moves, while no grass types are immune to grass moves (except for those with sap sipper)

In the end, both types have offensive and defensive advantages and disadvantages. The most important thing to consider is what your team will work well with, and whether that's a grass or electric type I hope this helps.

*I personally use Ferrothorn as my water-counter, as it has great bulk, is neutral to ice type attacks, hits hard with power whip. Here's the set I use.

Ferrothorn@leftovers/rocky helmet
Power Whip
Gyro Ball

answered Jul 12, 2013 by Dudeicolo
selected Jul 12, 2013 by XxEeveelutionLoverxX
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You should get a electric type because they have less super effective than grass, and they are more better Pokemon that are electric than grass. :)

answered Jul 12, 2013 by conflict131
reshown Jul 12, 2013 by conflict131
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I'd say Grass because of access to Lilligant and Sawsbuck.

This thing is awesome. Petal Dance + Own Tempo = Death. You can also get it at Castelia City so it's pretty easy to get. Destroys anything that doesn't resist, but is limited to Dream Eater, Round, and Grass STAB so if it runs into a steel it's screwed, especially if it is locked on Petal Dance.

Another great Pokemon. It has nice attack and speed, and has better coverage in Jump Kick, Horn Leech, Wild Charge, and Return. Deerling can be found right after Driftveil City. You may have to wait a little longer to get it, but I think it is better.

Hope I helped! :)

answered Jul 12, 2013 by JarJar~
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I like Electric-types.

Grass has five weaknesses whilst Electric only has the Ground-type weakness.
Plus, there's Ampharos, which I really like having on my team. xD

Plus, look at the gyms:

Grass: 0
Electric: 0

Grass: -1
Electric: 0

Grass: -2
Electric: 0

Grass: -3
Electric: 0

Grass: -2
Electric: -1

Grass: -3
Electric: 0


Grass: -2
Electric: 1

So do Electric. :3

answered Jul 12, 2013 by !'•-Indigo-•'!
Actually, Grass resist Electric, so you're at an advantage.
Elesa has an Emolga which knows Aerial Ace, so with Elesa, grass type would break even.
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You should get a Magnezone a really good Pokemon for your team

answered Jul 12, 2013 by D.Blomqvist