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Is this zangoose legal?

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I just got a zangoose on the GTS, is it legal? it was met at level 48, it was caught at route 11, it has a bold nature it apparently likes to run. and its ability is immunity here are its stats & moveset. HP- 138. Attack-104. Defense- 71. Sp.Atk- 73. Sp.Def- 67. Speed-103. ita moveset is: Taunt, Detect, false swipe and X-scissor. is it legal?

asked Jul 14, 2013 by PokeFlamey

2 Answers

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Yes, it is legal. I did some calculations on Showdown! and it appears to have perfectly legit stats. The moves are fine too. It was found at Route 11, which is fine.

answered Jul 14, 2013 by Poke'slash
selected Jul 14, 2013 by PokeFlamey
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Yes, that is a perfectly legal Zangoose! I hoped I helped! -Jellohamster (by the way, there is no real way of telling if it is legit, but that is a very weak Zangoose, and I dont think someone would hack a Zangoose that weak.)

answered Jul 14, 2013 by Jellohamster