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Is this strategy good for Tangrowth?

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My Tangrowth knows Sunny Day, Growth, Solarbeam and AncientPower.
I was thinking Sunny Day because it has the Ability Chlorophyll, so it can help Tangrowth with speed and also Solarbeam can be used in 1 turn. Growth In sunny day raises Atk. and Sp. Atk by 2 stages instead of 1. Solarbeam well you know... and then Ancient Power is for coverage against Fire, Bug, Ice and Flying...

Is this good enough??

asked Jul 16, 2013 by AbsoLoveer97

2 Answers

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If ingame yup this set is fine & pretty good. Maybe give Tangrowth Heat Rock if you have it as it increases the duration of Sunny Day = more setup and more pain for NPCs.
However if your looking to use an offensive Tangrowth in Competitive use;
Tangrowth @ Life Orb/Choice Specs
EVs: 112 HP, 252 SpA, 114 Spe
Modest Nature
Ability: Regenerator
-Leaf Storm
-HP Rock
-Focus Blast
-Sleep Powder

Hard hitting and when you switch out you get a little present from Regenerator =)

Hope I helped and GL!

answered Jul 17, 2013 by Sempiternus
Try going all out in HP, speed is kinda pointless
^ Good Idea
But I like speed to outspeed walls and cripple them with sleep powder :D
why choice specs and sleep powder?
choice specs for the power.
Sleep powder cripples opponents and works well only because Tangrowth has regenerator. OTherwise I wouldn't even consider running a status move a choiced pokemon
Thanks for the advice guys but I was actually thinking of Pokemon Battle Revolution, so Im training it on my Diamond
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its good but maybe have a drought ninetails or infernape with sunny day and u-turn and maybe substitute . If you cant trade you could have darmanitan with the same moves. so now youve set up sunny day switch into and he will have a free move to use!

answered Jul 18, 2013 by Razing
Im talking about Diamond.. Sorry :-( Its for my PBR but thanks for the advice anyway ;-)