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Where to obtain The RareCandyBar in Pokemon Black 1?

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Other than the one you get from Profeser Juniper

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i think you meant the RAGEcandybar?

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You can get another one as gift for beating the Royal Unova on a Saturday. You can also get one in Icirrus City from the formers Team Rocket grunt's wife, who is only accessible in winter.

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one second XD
Whoa xD
Cool, ill go on saturdays get some rarecandybars and catch some darmanitans with zen mode!
it kinda sucks how you have to beat everyone....
Yeah. I guess you're going to have to make an effort if you want a rare item like this one.
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During winter, you can go to Iccurus city and go to the south east house, which you can finally reach and a former Team Rocket grunt gives you a RageCandyBar.

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