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How come when battling in the Battle Subway in black 1 the opponent has items that are not obtainable through gameplay?

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When I ask that I mean when they have occa berries and passho berries. you just cant get them. Are they there for a challange?

asked Jul 19, 2013 by Colonel Duck

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Actually those items are available through Join Avenue. They have also been available in previous games, and may be obtained from the Dream World, events or over trades.
However yeah I suppose they're there for the challange and they reduce the power of certain super-effective attacks which only really makes you rage that its going to take another turn to beat them =) ~ also GameFreak loves giving little gimmicky items that have no use in Competitive battling just to annoy you

~Have fun!

answered Jul 19, 2013 by Sempiternus
selected Jul 19, 2013 by Colonel Duck
hey thanks! :)
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They have the items because: 1: to make it more challenging. 2: So they have a variety and not just boring, usual items [cough, leftovers, cough]. 3: They are computer players! It's not like they are actual people! I hope this helps!

answered Jul 19, 2013 by Jellohamster
this is true also
Oops, i was a bit late on that one. :b
I win! xD Jellohamster. Cross out challanging and put rage-inducing :3