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Good place to buy a HGSS or 4th generation Pokemon TCG deck?

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please don't say a place specific to your city/ country/ state, because i'm not going to a whole new place just for good TCG cards, (Don't know about target?)

asked Jul 21, 2013 by Luxray~Shinx

1 Answer

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As always, is a good place to buy stuff. If you have Amazon Prime that is free shipping. Otherwise, just spend $25 and you'll get free shipping. I would suggest picking up:
-$16, gives you a deck, three booster packs, a Machamp Prime, and another Nidoking line.

and then just get it with another one of those collections

Both will cost you $34, which is a solid price for two decks, six booster packs, two primes, and an additional six cards.

answered Jul 21, 2013 by trachy