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White Kyurem-436 Sp.Atk or 482 Sp.Atk?

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I make White Kyurems using PokeBuilder. My first option is just making a Reshiram and Kyurem to fuse together. My second option is just making a White Kyurem, without fusing anything. But if I max out both Reshiram's and Kyurem's Sp.Atk EVs, when I fuse them together, the White Kyurem's Sp.Atk is 436. Then if I just make a White Kyurem without fusing and max out its Sp.Atk EV, it's Sp.Atk is 482. Both of their natures are Modest. Does anyone know why these stats are different? Do I have to do anything to change it?

asked Jul 22, 2013 by ①nferno
edited Jul 22, 2013 by ①nferno
Did you make sure the IVs were the same?
yes they always are

1 Answer

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The key here is Nature

The second Kyurem you have has a special attack boosting nature, most likely Modest (+sp atk, - atk). Maxed out, a level 100 Kyurem White with a boosting nature has a special attack stat of 482. Such a spread would be typical of a choice set kyurem-w.

As for the other one, it has a special attack neutral nature (most likely timid, but hasty or naive are also possibilities.). A maxed out neutral nature Kyurem W has a special attack stat of 439, just three off 436, This could be because of three things. 1. You didn't max out the evs, being 12 evs, or 3 points, short 2. You don't have perfect IVs or 3. Pokebuilder messed up as it typically does

Well I hope this helps you out.

Source: I played around with Kyurem on the smogon teambuilder

answered Jul 22, 2013 by Dudeicolo
No, both of their natures are Modest. Both of their IVs are 31.
Well then it appears that option 3 best suits you. Pokebuilder, like all pokemon creating devices, messes up frequently. This is only a minor issue compared to some I've seen/ heard (My favorite is a Black Kyurem becoming Reshiram and Kyurem when separated).