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Where do you find HMs Cut and Flash in Pokemon blue?

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Cuz I'm lookin' and I'm not findin'.

asked Jul 22, 2013 by Dupline

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You get Cut from SS Anne in Vermillion City.

Flash can be gotten only after you've made it to Vermillion City. You need to go east to Diglett's cave and travel all the way through it. After you make it out you should see a big house in the south that you need cut to get in the big building I mentioned you will see two people, one who looks like a youngster, and one of Professor Oak's Aides. The Aide is the one who will give you the HM if you've caught more than 10 different species of Pokemon.

answered Jul 22, 2013 by Aura Warrior
selected Jul 22, 2013 by Dupline
Thanks, I had a feeling i had missed them somewhere earlier in my journey.
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You get HM cut at the end of the ss anne in vermellion city after you rub the captains back and you get HM flash on route 2. To get to it you have to go through digletts cave and go into a building and you will see one of professor oaks aides and he will give it to you if youve caught 10 Pokemon.

answered Jul 22, 2013 by CWegz