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Can a Pokémon suddenly sleep for no reason?

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So, in HeartGold, at route 21, I used my level 66 Dragonite and used Outrage to beat a swimmer's Quagsire. Then, my Dragonite suddenly sleep for no reason. Is this just a glitch or a feature I didn't know of? (I already had 16 badges)

asked Jul 23, 2013 by Magicknight94
edited Jul 24, 2013 by Lust for Glory
badges* it almost looks like you're saying badgers. :3

1 Answer

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Well, the only logical reasoning from this was that the Quagsire had either outsped your Dragonite, or survived a hit from it, and then used the move Yawn. This would cause Dragonite to get drowsy, and then the next turn, fall asleep.

answered Jul 23, 2013 by Lust for Glory
uh-huh. correct
He probably wasn't paying attention to the game and just spammed the A button.