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What are all the Leaders who have the same teams in the show that they have ingame???

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for example I think Clair has a team of Gyarados, Kingdra and Dragonair in both.

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Most, if not all of them do have similar/exact same teams in the anime as in the show.

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Kanto(Gen I)
Lt. Surge (Pokémon Yellow)
Erika (Pokémon Yellow)

Johto(Gen II)
Bugsy (Replaces Kakuna with Spinarak in anime)
Whitney (also has Nidorina in anime)
Monty (has extra Haunter in game)
Jasmine (has extra Magnemite in game)
Pryce (also has Seel in game)
Clair (only Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver , where also extra Dragonair in game)

Hoenn(Gen III)
Norman (replaces Slakoff with Slaking in game)
Tate and Liza
Juan (Replaces Kingdra with Milotic in anime)

Sinnoh(Gen IV)
All Gym leaders though only Volkner uses his Platinum Team

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:D wow thanks. Monty lol