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If I to added all genders, colours, and Shiny Pokemon together, How many would I need to complete the National Pokedex?

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asked Jul 27, 2013 by !Barx101!
Colors? Wut?
do you mean forms?
yes, like Bascilan comes in Blue and red stripe form

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All the Pokémon, plus their shiny forms, plus opposite gender (excluding genderless), plus other forms, plus all possible Spindas equals, (and my math could be wrong: 8,589,937,244

Without all the spinda forms, (again my math could be wrong), it's 2,562.

answered Jul 27, 2013 by WoonderWaffle
selected Jul 27, 2013 by !Barx101!
Spinda forms?
each spinda has a slightly different spot pattern based of its personality values i think
The Unown was a good gimmick but 8589934682 SPINDA FORMS! Wait.... male and female so..... 4294967341 different forms? WOW DAS A WOT!