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Can hms be egg moves?

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asked Oct 21, 2010 by reasereasemecool
edited Dec 23, 2010 by reasereasemecool

1 Answer

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Yes. My baby Bulbasaur/Treecko was born with the move strength from his father Bulbasaur/Treecko. Yeah, can't remember which one was the child and which one was the father, but they can both learn strength anyway. And NO QUESTION IS STUPID! Well, some definately are, but this one isn't. :)

answered Oct 21, 2010 by Xx_RAYQUAZA-POOP_xX
That's a really good question. answered a bit in a combo of past questions, but thats ok.
Note, the baby will only know the HM move if it can learn it anyway. So actually it doesn't really matter if it can learn HMs as egg moves because you can teach the HM to it anyway.