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Game crashing Heart Gold Pokemon?

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I happened to encounter a random Pokemon that appeared to crash the game before the battle scene... I have been battling wild Pokemon for a very long time and this has been the first time it happened... Does anyone know what I encountered?

EDIT: ARs were not used in the process of battle and I don't have one to use. I also don't trade on it, so I can't get traded a hacked Pokemon on accident

asked Jul 28, 2013 by Enderdragon
edited Jul 28, 2013 by Enderdragon

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Well then it might not be because of the Pokémon. It is very possible that your game cartridge might not have come out but lose contact with your console for a bit. Happened to me in Pokémon Diamond once too, this often happens with old games or even just by a minor error.
This usually happens when one of the gold plates at the bottom of the game cartridge lose contact. It is nothing to get worried about if it happens again then so be it but tbh I think that was the case :)

answered Jul 28, 2013 by Aeternis
selected Jul 28, 2013 by Enderdragon
Ok, thanks
your welcome :)