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In Pokemon platnium I some how encountd a pidove what happened?

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I caught it but later turned into a starly .it was 12 o clock so I didn't hallucinate.

asked Jul 29, 2013 by Awesomesauce

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Another possibility is that you are using an emulator. Emulators usually have peculiar glitches that would usually not take place in the game cartridge versions such as de-evolving and having a turtle dance around your screen as if it were mad. Catching a Pokemon that isn't in a specific generation can also be one of them.
If you are using a game cartridge then it just might be that it was a minor bug or glitch that repaird itself once you caught it. It could have also been that you got used to seeing a Pidove that when you saw a similar bird, Starly you then taught it was a Pidove until after the capture. This can happen when you see or look at things quite often. I had a moment were I would keep seeing the Giant huntsman spider anytime I saw a spider, it is practically just a mind twist.
It could also be a side effect when you were playing for a long time without a notable rest. Then it is very possible that without noticing you were semi-asleep and that you were day-dreaming that you encountered a wild pidove instead of a wild starly

answered Jul 30, 2013 by Aeternis
selected Jul 30, 2013 by Awesomesauce
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Well in Platinum Pidove didn't exist, so it might actually be a possibility that you hallucinated. I think that is really most likely. Or, you could have been dreaming or something.

I don't know if this is possible, but it could be the result of hacking and trading between B/W(2) or something.

Hope I helped! :)

answered Jul 29, 2013 by JarJar~
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Considering Pidove is not exist until Gen 5. The possible way to tell, is either glitch in your Platinum, or you are daydreaming/hallucinating.

Well, I know this not much, hope it's helping.

answered Jul 30, 2013 by KiraRia57