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Is Pokemon Creepy Blacks Ghost based off of haunter?

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I can't get a picture of it, but Isn't ghost a Haunter with a different look?
If no one know what ghost is it looks
Black and has the shape of a haunter.
(This is as well as I can explain my question)
If it is still confusing, then sorry.

asked Aug 1, 2013 by Enderdragon
edited Aug 1, 2013 by Enderdragon

2 Answers

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Ghost supposedly looks like the ghosts from Pokemon Tower. I honestly doubt this bootleg ever actually existed, but you can read all about it here.

answered Aug 1, 2013 by melcakes
selected Aug 1, 2013 by Enderdragon
I just red it and I think those red lights are your eyes ...........
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Well yes, it probably is based off Haunter
Pokemon Creepy Black is a a hacked version of Pokemon FireRed and since Haunter features in FireRed, if Blacks Ghost holds the same shape, the chances are it is based off Haunter.

answered Aug 1, 2013 by Sempiternus