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Who are the most OP Pokemon in the OU Metagame?

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Question should explain.

Where OP=Overpowered.

asked Aug 10, 2013 by Hotcakes

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Well, here's a few...

Terrakion: Band or Scarf, you're always scared of this fellow.
Mamoswine: Jeez, nice team you have there? It would be a shame if Mamo could hit almost everything for neutral damage
Scizor: Was a god in Gen 4, was less of a god in Gen 5 before the Genesect Ban, has become even godlier with the Genesect ban and is now even more popular than before.
Keldeo: Hey look, hitting all yo Pokemons like no tomorrow cause I'm in the rain and nothing takes a Hydro Pump easily
Politoed: Heh, perma rain, heh.
Lati@s: Oh look, it would be such a tragedy if I was able to spam Draco Meteor and not get punished for it...
Ferrothorn: Yeah, I suck at attacking, but I can stop your Dragon Dancers any time, Paralyze them, hurt em with mah ability, and take some recovery with my Leech Seeds
Starmie: OU's most "prominent" Rapid Spinner who isn't a complete waste after Spinning...
Breloom: Hurr durr durr, Spore all the things and make one of your Pokemons useless!
Rotom-Wash: Hah, i'm immune to ground attacks, can counter your whole rain team, and have amazing status moves + a semi decent recovery move.

That ought to clear most things up...

answered Aug 10, 2013 by Lust
selected Aug 10, 2013 by Hotcakes
Where is Latios?
Lati@s = Latios & Latias. The @ stands for both an O and an A.
oh yeah didn't see that :P