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In Pokemon Diamond, when do you see if your starter's shiny?

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Is it when you first open the briefcase and hover over the Pokeballs, or when you first use the Pokemon in battle?

asked Aug 16, 2013 by fondant

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Its when you first have the battle then you can see the shininess of the Pokemon. The colour of the Pokemon will be different and the sparks-like thing come.

answered Aug 16, 2013 by Cosmic_Aegislasher
selected Aug 16, 2013 by fondant
or if you nickname it the sprites will be a different color so you can see it there first.
You don't get to nickname your starter until you fought your 1st battle and travelled to Sandgem Town in Pokemon Diamond. Also, the small sprites don't show any difference for a shiny Pokemon. It appears in the normal colour.
I've only ever started a game o Diamond once and I haven't played in a while, so I'm probably thinking of games I've been playing more recently, oops.
i actually got a shiny turtwig before