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Does anybody think that Zoroark is in the room thats barely blocked off?

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asked Aug 16, 2013 by Shiny Zoura 100

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There is a fan theory that N is, in fact, a Zoroark.

Remember how in Black/White, in Castelia, there was a little lost boy who was a Zorua? Then the backpacker in B2W2 who was really a Zoroark, and shows his form as he runs away after he hands you the TM Snarl.

There's a Zoroark blocking the way to N's castle in B2W2, which then leads you to the castle after you've defeated the E4. After you enter the castle, there is no sign of Zoroark, but instead you find N. N has never used a Zoroark in his party, and when you find him in his castle, he talks as if you're already in the middle of a conversation.

Don't you think that N's hair and Zoroark's hair are strangely similar? They both have long hair that's pinched at a point. Zoroark's hair/fur is pinched at the bottom with a little pearl/bead that acts as a hair tie, while N's hair is reversed, and pinched near his neck. Zoroark is a Pokemon with dark skin fur and red hair fur, N is a pale human with green hair (red and green being clashing/ opposing colours).

Additionally, remember the Zorua from Rood in Driftveil?


Zoroark and Zorua are usually seen in parent/ child combinations, and have a stronger parental bond than most Pokemon are portrayed. N is the Zoroark, and the Zorua from Rood is his blood relation.

N's not a human who can talk to Pokemon, N's a Pokemon who can talk to humans.

/dramatic plot twist music

answered Aug 16, 2013 by fondant
selected Aug 16, 2013 by Shiny Zoura 100
Thats so weird. I never would have guessed that he was a zoroark.
" There is a fan theory that N is, in fact, a Zoroark. "

D: WHAT?!?!? Everything is different now :I
Uhh why now I will neveer look at N the same way.
I never thought of it that way
well fan "theory" does give it away. It does have a lot of evidence, but there is no official confirmation so we can't be sure unless someone gets something from Gf themsleves