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The Most Popular Glitch?

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What is the most popular glitch in Pokemon Games? Especially in Gen IV and V.

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I think the most popular glitch would be the void glitch, aka tweaking. Very appealing to players as it gives people access to the otherwise event only Shaymin and Darkrai.

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Here is what I think. I think all the cloning glitches of GTS are really popular. Also, I believe the sky drop glitch has been abused to win in doubles. Overall, there really aren't any rankings. These are Gen IV and V

Hope this helps!

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thats just for collectors
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I think the most popular glitch is the good ol' Missingno. glitch in Gen. 1.
It also has a couple of different forms.

This link will tell you all about Missingno. and all of it's currently known data.

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"Especially in Gen IV and V."