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I can't do the puzzle at the vermilion gym?

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I know it sounds pathetic but I've been trying to do it for like 2 hours and I can't do it and I have no idea why, I got a mew if that may cause something, either that or I'm really unlucky

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You're just unlucky. It took me 30-45 mins to get it.

The other switch is adjacent to the first switch, but that isn't really helping since it can be any bin immediately next to the first one.

If it's getting to you, just switch off your DS and go back to it later. T___T

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ds? its on the gameboy
You can play GBA games on the DS.
HGSS has the same stupid puzzle too.
but he had mew
Stupid puzzle? I think it's cool.
It was cool for the first 5 minutes. After half an hour, it gets old.
I'm playing on my GBC
I played both Gold and HGSS, and the puzzle is the same level of frustrating in both.